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Visa Assistance

Traveling abroad has been the deepest desire of many, for the purposes of experiencing new cultures, life styles, way of life, and also for sightseeing. The quest and agitation of traveling has trapped many people in the web of dubious persons called ‘Connection Men’, who take advantage of people who are anxious to travel and feed on their vulnerability.

  • Have you been defrauded by agents?
  • Has an agent disappeared with your money and your documents?
  • Have you applied for a visa several times but have always been refused due to poor documentation?
  • Are you struggling to know what document is require for your application and even how to go by you application?
  • Do you need an expert to peruse your document and know whether you have all documents needed for an application?

DeEntrance is here to help you gain the required visa to travel by giving you the greatest visa application assistance. DeEntrance is made up of well experienced and analytical team which comprises of IT experts, Psychologist, Financial Advisors, Former Embassy Staffs, Literature Lecture, Accountants, Business Consultants, Legal Personnel and Immigration Officers who ensures that a good documentation is prepared for every application and all legal matter been taken into consideration.

Please Notes: DeEntrance will like to state it emphatically that we are not an Embassy and for that matter we cannot guarantee your application on a 100% basis but rather we can give can give the assurance that we will prepare a good document which will include all necessary document based on the requirement of the Embassy.